2011年12月22日 星期四

讓我透透氣 Give Me a Break

葉 子 啟    讓 我 透 透 氣  

Yeh, Tzu-chi   Give Me a Break    

淡水藝文中心   Taipei  2011

photo: 郭文景     video: Kim TaeJun  

curator:  萬一一

百 家 照 性 別 


The audiences helped me wear the bras I collected from the public.  After my whole body, arms, and legs are full of bras, I took off my own bras and lay bare of my bosoms.

獲選參展墨西哥第二屆中國女性藝術家錄像藝術節, 2017
The video is shown in 2nd Chinese Woman Artists Video Art Festival, Mexico, 2017

2011年12月13日 星期二

外面的世界 The World Outside

葉 子 啟    外 面 的 世 界
Yeh Tzu-chi     The World Outside  

 Chung Qing, China   2011

photo: 王芮    video: 劉偉偉  王仕元   


I piled up different wooden boxes and chairs, climbed to the top, and looked out from the window.

2011年12月12日 星期一

紅心事 Meditation on Red


葉 子 啟    紅心事  
Yeh Tzu-chi   Meditation on Red 

    Chung Qing, China  2011

photo: 黨碩   石佳韵    video: 余果

curator:  倪昆

residency, Organhaus Art Space 器空間


In a crowded noisy old Chinese tea house where people play cards, Ma Jang, drink tea, and talk loudly, I quietly wrapped my fingers and hand with red yarn and walked backward through the narrow aisles. 

草地上的下午茶 Afternoon Tea on the Grass

葉 子 啟       草 地 上 的 下 午 茶   

Yeh Tzu-chi      Afternoon Tea on the Grass  

In Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan   2010

photo: 陳伯義

curator:  Yeh Tzu-Chi



There is a small courtyard inside the gallery.  It’s quite small but with some plants upon the lawn.  It attracted me in this city full of cement buildings.  It reminded me “Lunch on the Grass,” the famous painting by Manet.  Why not inviting audience to make something similar to it, say “Afternoon-Tea on the Grass!”  Oh, my God!  It was so sultry because it was surrounded by four tall walls so we took a dry leaf and fanned ourselves.  It was not possible for us to look far so we kept looking at the sky, like frogs under a deep well.      

對話 Dialogue

葉 子 啟     對 話   

Yeh Tuz-chi    Dialogue 

  Solo, Indonesia   2010

photo:  Afrizal Malna,  Jauhari, Akbar Siregar

curator:  Melati Suryodarmo

     Undisclosed Territories International Performance Art Event

我使用黑布與紅布﹐在一段不短的行走與爬行中與佛陀﹑穆斯林, 小草﹑樹木﹑空氣﹑陽光﹑土地﹑小石頭﹑竹橋﹐和我自己產生對話。最終我爬到當地附有宗教意味的傳統木造涼亭pandobo﹐結束長長的「旅程」。

Using the black and red clothes, I had a long journey of dialogue with Buddha, grass, trees, air, sunshine, earth, rubbles, the bamboo bridge, and myself.  Finally, I came to the end of long journey: the Pandobo, a wooden pavilion with local religious elements inside.

2011年12月11日 星期日

陰影 Shadow

                                    photo by   Thu Rain

葉子啟   陰影  

Yeh, Tzu-chi    Shadow    

Yangon Art and Culture Center
Yangon, Myanmar   2009

photo: Nopawan Sirivejdul   video: Naylynn Aung

curator:  Moe Satt

Beyond Pressure Performance Art Event


I drew the shape of my own shadows, and invited audience to draw theirs.  Then I threw eggs with red acrylic on the human shapes.  When the eggs cracked on the wall, the red paint splashes and flew down the human shapes….

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2011年12月9日 星期五

黑暗 Dark

葉 子 啟    黑 暗  
Yeh Tzu-chi      Dark 
   Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Thailand    2008

photo: Fabien Montmartin   video: Ying-Mei Duan  

curator:  Champion Apisuk


With eyes folded, I sit upright on the chair.  With the flowing of time, I let down of my head, neck, shoulders, chest, belly in a very quiet and slow motion, and then fell suddenly from the chair to the table with a very loud sound.  Then I slowly climbed down from the table to the ground, and kept crawling away from the table.

告別 Farewell

葉 子 啟    告 別  
Yeh Tzu-chi    Farewell 
   Mitzpeh Ramonn,  Israel   2008

photo: Efi Ben-David

curator: Tamar Raban

ZAZ International Performance Art Festival


I hit the tomatoes with my hands after which I served the audiences with tomato stick on a knife.  After that, I folded their eyes and, again, served them with tomato stick on the knife.  Most of them accepted it, while only one of them refused to open her mouth.

看手相 Palm Reading

葉 子 啟      看 手 相  

Yeh Tzu-chi     Palm Reading 
   Jerusalem, Israel  2008


I did palm reading in a small alley of Jerusalem, after which I asked people to write down the names of the most important people in their life.  In the mean time, I also wrote down what came to my mind at that moment.

2011年12月8日 星期四

手語 Sign

葉 子 啟     手 語   

Yeh Tzu-chi      Sign   

  Tel Aviv, Israel    2008

photo: Sinead O'Donnell   周斌  

curator:  Tamar Raban

        ZAZ International Performance Art Festival, Israel, 2008


A long black cloth was sewed into two tunnels.  I wrote to invite an audience to crawl through the tunnels with/without me.   Then I did some movements with my hands and asked him to join me.  At first, we have a nice interaction.  However, as I strengthened little by little, the friendly interaction became something like wrestling. We even bit each other’s…. Finally, we negotiated by writing/talking on the paper, and thus ended this process of half friend and half enemy.

午夜朝陽 Midnight Sunrise

photo: 呂沐芢

photo:  林柏樑

葉 子 啟      午 夜 朝 陽   

Yeh Tzu-chi   Midnight Sunrise   

     Peng-hu, Taiwan   2006

curator: 許淑真

帶 著 作 品 去 旅 行


In the room of a hotel, I interchanged what I wore with the audience in a playful and absurd way.